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A load-balancing distributed platform based on differentiated services for a telecare application

Antonio Serra , Dominique Gaïti , Giovanni Barroso , Jérôme Boudy
2004 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, Sep 2004, Taipei, Taiwan. pp.69-74, ⟨10.1109/CCA.2004.1387189⟩
Conference papers hal-02623155v1

Active 3D Model-Based Registration

Francoise Preteux , Sorin Curila , Marius Malciu
Conference on Nonlinear Image Processing, Feb 1998, San Jose, CA, United States. pp.186-196
Conference papers hal-00272475v1

Model-Based Head Tracking and 3D Pose Estimation

Marius Malciu , Francoise Preteux
Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Estimation Techniques in Computer Vision, Jul 1998, Denver, United States. pp.94-110
Conference papers hal-00272476v1

Copulas in vectorial hidden Markov chains for multicomponent image segmentation

Nicolas Brunel , Wojciech Pieczynski , Stéphane Derrode
Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2005, Philadelphia, United States
Conference papers hal-00082768v1

Intelligent Access to the Multimedia Documents on Internet

A. Ben Hamadou , M. Makpangou , Francoise Preteux
Centre de Publication Universitaire, pp.344, 2004
Books hal-00273456v1

Creating with 3DsMax streaming and playing with MPEG-4

Octavian Folea , Marius Preda , Francoise Preteux
WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 2004, 3 (3), pp.924-929
Journal articles hal-00273491v1

Unusual CT Features in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Y. Maulat , Pierre Yve Brillet , Y. Nunes , D. Valeyre , M. Kramboucher , et al.
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2004), Nov 2004, Chicago, United States. pp.2410
Conference papers hal-00273498v1

Modélisation et segmentation 3D des nodules pulmonaires en imagerie TDM volumique

Catalin Fetita , Francoise Preteux
Actes 14ème Congrès Francophone AFRIF-AFIA, Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'2004), Jan 2004, Toulouse, France. pp.573-581
Conference papers hal-00273509v1

Insights into low level animation and MPEG-4 standardization

Marius Preda , Francoise Preteux
Signal Processing: Image Communication, 2002, 17 (9), pp.717-741
Journal articles hal-00272179v1

3D quantitative assessment of bronchial reactivity and wall thickening in asthmatics at MDCT

Pierre Yve Brillet , Catalin Fetita , Catherine Beigelman-Aubry , Amory Saragaglia , Diane Perchet , et al.
World Congress on Thoracic Imaging (WCTI'2005),, May 2005, Florence, Italy. pp.160
Conference papers hal-00273206v1

Benchmarking non-rigid registration techniques for the quantitative analysis of myocardial function in tagged-MR imaging

C. Petitjean , Nicolas Rougon , P. Cluzel , Francoise Preteux , Philippe A. Grenier
European Congress of Radiology 2002 (ECR'2002), Mar 2002, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-00272216v1

Enjeux méthodologiques de l'imagerie de demain

Francoise Preteux
Conférence Modélisation et Simulation pour la Médecine et la Chirurgie Assistées par Ordinateur (MS4CMS'02), Nov 2002, Rocquencourt, France. pp.0
Conference papers hal-00272224v1

Indexation de maillages 3D par descripteurs de forme

Titus Zaharia , Francoise Preteux
13ème Congrès Francophone AFRIF-AFIA Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'2002), Jan 2002, Angers, France. pp.48-57
Conference papers hal-00272235v1

Computer Vision-Based Quality Inspection Applied to Pharmaceutical Industry

Francoise Preteux
QCAV'98, Nov 1998, Takamatsu, Japan
Conference papers hal-00272433v1

Indexation within the MPEG-7 framework. Aplication to sign language

Francoise Preteux
RIAO'2000, Apr 2000, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-00272443v1

3D-Modeling of human bronchial tree in HRCT

Catalin Fetita , Francoise Preteux
Proceedings SPIE Conference on Mathematical Modeling, Bayesian Estimation and Inverse Problems, Aug 2000, San Diego, CA, United States
Conference papers hal-00272445v1

Robust parametric estimation over optimal support of fluid flow structure in multispectral image sequences

Nicolas Rougon , M.A. Brossard-Pailleux , Francoise Preteux
200Proceedings SPIE Conference on Mathematical Modeling, Bayesian Estimation and Inverse Problems, Aug 2000, San Diego, CA, United States
Conference papers hal-00272447v1

Vers un environnement technologique normalisé pour la communication en langue des signes

Francoise Preteux
Normes et Standard pour l'apprentissage en ligne, Mar 2003, Versailles, France. pp.0
Conference papers hal-00272958v1

Le tatouage robuste ou comment protéger les contenus visuels

Francoise Preteux , Adriana Vlad , Mihai Mitrea
Techniques de l'Ingenieur, 2005, h5360, pp.1-12
Journal articles hal-00271294v1

VRML versus Inventor: bridge the gap

Sorin Duta , Mihai Mitrea , Francoise Preteux
WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 2004, 3 (3), pp.884-890
Journal articles hal-00271324v1

The 2D-DCT coefficient statistical behaviour: a comparative analysis on different types of image sequences

Mihai Mitrea , Francoise Preteux , Adriana Vlad , Catalin Fetita
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 2004, 6 (1), pp.95-102
Journal articles hal-00271326v1

Survey modelling by combining information theory and stochastic method

Adriana Vlad , B. Chiriac , Mihai Mitrea
Communications, Jun 2004, Bucharest, Romania. pp.209-214
Conference papers hal-00271334v1

A Corpus based Analysis of how Accurately Printed Romanian Obeys Some Universal Laws

Adriana Vlad , Adrian Mitrea , Mihai Mitrea
A Rainbow of Corpora: Corpus Linguistics and the Languages of the World, Lincom–Europa Publishing House, pp.153-165, 2003
Book sections hal-00271336v1

An MPEG-4 BIFS based authoring tool for multimedia content

Son-Minh Tran , Marius Preda , Francoise Preteux , A. Gschwindt
International Conference on Image and Signal Processing (ICISP'2003), Jun 2003, Agadir, Morocco. pp.38-46
Conference papers hal-00273003v1

AMIS : A Java-Based MPEG-7 compliant indexing system

Titus Zaharia , Francoise Preteux
International Conference on Image and Signal Processing (ICISP'2003), Jul 2003, Agadir, Morocco. pp.185-192
Conference papers hal-00273007v1

Advanced CT Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules

Francoise Preteux , Catalin Fetita , Catherine Beigelman-Aubry , E. Jauffret , Philippe A. Grenier
European Radiology, ECR'2003, Mar 2003, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-00273031v1

Propriété intellectuelle et enjeux industriels

Francoise Preteux
Other publications hal-00273038v1

CT hepatic venography: 3D vascular segmentation for preoperative evaluation

Catalin Fetita , Olivier Lucidarme , Francoise Preteux , Philippe A. Grenier
International Conference on Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI'05)– Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3750, Oct 2005, Palm-Springs, CA, United States. pp.830-837
Conference papers hal-00273100v1

Editorial corrections on AFX 2nd Release

Marius Preda
Other publications hal-00273618v1

French National Body Comment on AFX (editing),

Marius Preda , Francoise Preteux
Other publications hal-00273642v1